Medical Professionals


The Emotional Well-Being Family of Companies provides tools and resources for physicians and medical staffs to reduce stress, enhance well-being and reconnect you with your love of practicing medicine. Our programs offer structured experiences for self-discovery and self-improvement combined with the flexibility to “move in the moment” and address the issues that are important to you today, all while receiving the support of those that understand the medical profession.


Did you know:

  1. Every day, on average, a U.S. physician takes his or her own life. (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)
  2. More than half of U.S. physicians report professional burnout. And it is getting worse. (Mayo Clinic)
  3. Physician stress and loss of enthusiasm for work erodes professionalism and increases the risk for medical errors. (American Medical Association)

Women in Medicine Program

  • Has your passion for medicine been diminished by excessive regulatory and administrative responsibilities?
  • Have you lost balance between career, family and your personal well-being?
  • Are there things you want to talk about that only other women in medicine will understand?

Every day you work with people who are both vulnerable and in need. In addition, you face regulatory, administrative and leadership responsibilities that compete for your time and energy. You spend a great deal of your day taking care of others. Who takes care of women in medicine? We do!

The Women in Medicine Program is a series of eight 90-minute workshops. The workshops are available in a public format delivered at various sites throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. We can also deliver the workshops onsite at your organization.

Physician Wellness Programs

Did you know that the issue of physicians’ emotional well-being is so important, the last Surgeon General made it one of his top two priorities? (His other priority was addiction and substance abuse.)

This Emotional Well-Being Family of Companies Physician Wellness Program addresses the unique needs of physicians by:

  • Preventing and recovering from burnout
  • Creating a physician wellness community that provides social interaction, emotional and practical problem solving support and healing and restorative experiences
  • Providing peer-to-peer support after traumatic medical events
  • Improving process efficiency and quality in areas that matter to physicians
  • Offering coaching geared to the distinctive needs of physicians

We serve individual physicians, physician groups, medical societies, medical associations, and hospital systems by improving financial results, patient care and physician engagement and satisfaction.